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For a first start I'd recommend you grab a copy of the Writer Guide (6.0 is
the latest of today) here:

Jump to Chapter 21 which covers basics of how to customize both menus and

If you are planning to run some type of script or macro from a menu and
looking for documentation I'd recommend downloading
First I'd recommend you download and install the LibreOffice SDK (software
developers kit) for the documentation of the LibreOffice API, all of the
scripting languages make use this API. This documentation becomes more
valuable as you get further into a project so I'd strongly recommend it.
Downloading that the SDK should match the version of the LibreOffice
installed, if it either 6.4.x or 6.3.x then you find that right on the
download page today: if your
version is older you need to get it differently, just ask back here.

OK so if the built in Basic sounds good, this reference sheet:
as a start

There are other choices for scripting, such as Python and  you can find
information on that here;

Hope that helps,


On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 7:33 PM meo meo <meomeomeo4321 at> wrote:

> Hello Libreoffice Writer experts
> I want to create some functions of Libreoffice Writer (such as Labels,
> Bussiness Card, Templates) in File->New sub-menu to add into my own
> sub-menu in File menu. How can I do it?
> Thank you so much!
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