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julien2412 serval2412 at
Tue Mar 3 10:58:11 UTC 2020

Hello Stephan,

I understand your demand but I must also say that several times, I saw that:
- just rebasing might be sufficient to "fix" a Gerrit pb
- the pb wasn't related to the patch (eg: when a patch concerns something
specific to MacOs and Windows gerrit fails, or the contrary, typos in
comments like 99.9% of Andrea Gelmini's patches)
- failing gerrit because of technical error (eg: for retrieving some
- aleatory failing QA tests (kind of "Heisenberg")

So it could be interesting too to make sure Gerrit machines are up-to-date
(rebooted if necessary), runned some "make clean" sometimes so they could be
more reliable.
Perhaps it's already the case but in these cases, how to make Gerrit
machines a bit more reliable?

But you're right, in general, Jenkins -1 shouldn't be overriden.


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