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Mon Mar 16 21:20:20 UTC 2020

Jan-Marek Glogowski <glogow at> wrote:
> If you want to generate single glyphs from multiple keystrokes, then you 
> should have a look into input method handling (IM), like ibus or fcitx, which> is normally used to type complex-glyph based languages, like Chinese.

I know this is outside LO, but is this as easy as editing a file and adding my mapping, and if so, is there an example I can look at?
> Hard to say, if this is a general problem of your font or a bug in LO or
> just caused by your changes to the VCL gtk3 plugin key handling code in LO.
> If you have some other working example document, like a UTF-8 encoded
> text file, which you know is displayed correctly in some Gtk
> application, than you could copy and paste that text into Writer and
> then select your font. That should already work, without any code changes.
I just tested this and it works very well and correctly shows my text! So it now comes down to the input mechanism and making it work for the keystrokes. LayoutText is not the right place?

> Maybe try contact either people from or
> They should eventually be able to assign some code point ranges for your
> language / glyphs, so other programs can also represent your glyphs
> correctly. I have no idea, how the unicode people work, but especially
> if you have an actively used language, that would be my way to go.

Unicode is the problem! In the early 1990s, UTF-8 encoding started off as 31-bit encoding scheme. IEEE came up with a 32-bit scheme. Unicode should have done the same thing. It was well intentioned when it started off and was supposed to accommodate all languages. Today, Unicode Consortium is run by people from large firms who, over time, restricted Unicode to 16 and 20-bits and there is no space for every character. Of course, Unicode neatly fits in with the ancient DBCS technology of Microsoft. Another problem is that even GTK's code tests for unicode compatibility and will not accept "non-standard" strings, for example, file names not recognized as unicode compatible. 

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