Cleaning up check targets (was Re: [Libreoffice-qa] ESC meeting minutes: 2020-03-05)

Luboš Luňák l.lunak at
Tue Mar 17 14:43:54 UTC 2020

On Tuesday 17 of March 2020, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 17/03/2020 11:35, Luboš Luňák wrote:
> >   So, proposal: 'slowcheck' will be deprecated and will simply map
> > to 'unitcheck', and 'unitcheck' will be the target to get just the "fast"
> > checks. 'check' will map to 'unitcheck slowcheck subsequentcheck uicheck'
> > also in modules. That would be consistent and also mostly backwards
> > compatible (with the exception of 'make <module>.check').
> * Why merely deprecate slowcheck, instead of removing it completely?

 Backwards compatibility. That includes Jenkins builds (all branches use the 
same setup, right?).

 Luboš Luňák
 l.lunak at

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