RFC: Sane rectangle class

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Fri Mar 20 22:54:33 UTC 2020


Tomaž Vajngerl schrieb am 20-Mar-20 um 18:13:
> Hi,
>     Do you know a specific case where that actually matters? My personal
>     position
>     on integers is "use int, unless you explicitly need something else".
> We are dealing with 100th-mm or twip units, which can get quite big (in 
> writer we are always referencing relative from page 1 AFAIK) and could 
> go to use EMU in the future (because it resolves lovely both imperial 
> and metric, so my hope is that we could get rid of MapMode nonsense), so 
> I would go with sal_Int64. Anyway, a compiler / architecture dependent 
> type is the last one I would use.

The problem for huge values is not Writer but Calc. For example, make a 
sheet with row height 10cm on all rows. Insert a shape in A2000 and look 
at the position information in the status bar. (Shapes are anchored to 
page as default). Then insert a shape in A3000 and look again, then in 
A10000. And the sheet goes up to A1048576!

Kind regards

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