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Mon Mar 30 14:55:08 UTC 2020

There is more false information on this list:

Heiko Tietze <heiko.tietze at documentfoundation.org> ezt írta (időpont: 2020.
márc. 30., H, 16:15):

> On 25.03.20 16:20, Miklos Vajna wrote:
> > Prototype agenda...
>  * Wrong text highlight color when export document to doc/docx
>    + https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125268
>    + MSO allows "shading" with any color and "highlighting" with 15 colors
> only;
>      LibO highlighting corresponds to MSO's shading
>    +
> http://zolnaitamas.blogspot.com/2015/03/word-compatible-text-highlighting-in.html
>    + Help: "Microsoft Office has two character attributes similar to
>      LibreOfficeDev character background. Select the appropriate attribute
>      (highlighting or shading) which you would like to use during export
>      to Microsoft Office file formats."
>    + Solution #1a: Use highlighting (WFM/NAB)
>      - LibO character background might get replaced => the issue in this
> ticket

Might -> probably. Converting colors to 15 color palette leads to color
change in most of the case.

>    + Solution #1b: Use shading
>      - not intuitive for MSO users (paragraph > theme colors),
>        in particular on round trip

The problem here is when a user actually opens an MSO format in MSO and
tries to change the color and can't found the proper tool for that.

>      - default for the export until 5.0 but replaced with highlighting then
>        (tools > options > load/save > char highlighting)

That is not entirely correct. Before my related change  DOC / DOCX export
used MSO shading, RTF export used MSO highlighting. So there was a mixed
usage of both.

     - changing defaults back and forth is not good
>      - improve help
>      - patch has been submitted by Tamaz (c26)
>    + Solution #2: Introduce shading in LibO
>      - unclear use case besides compatibility, confuses users (c34)
>      - could extend the palette widget (c45,46)

It's a very bad idea, mentioned by a random user, who can't see that
LibreOffice is not only a free clone of Microsoft Office.

>    + Solution #3: Special palette activated per compatibility flag
>      - another patch by Tamaz (c21)

It's not correct. You mixed here two suggestions. I added an MSO highlight
color palette, so the user can use those colors which are exported to MSO
highlight correctly.

There was another suggestion to display both highlight and shading palette
in LO, which might be implemented only related to an MSO compatibility
flag, since LO doesn't have two separate character background
implementations and so it does not make sense to display this color palette
for 'native' LO users.

>      - cripples LibreOffice while MSO may change at any time
>      - code needed as the new palette is offered now unconditionally
>    + Solution #4: analyze the document and warn the user when using a not
>      supported feature (if the file was opened as doc/x) or when saving
>      - might be a long list and need some time to compile
> > * QA update (Xisco)...

In general, I changed two things recently.
I changed the default behavior to save to MSO shading instead. It seems a
more serious issue to change the color on export, then the case when
somebody can't edit the text color in MSO later, because of MSO bad design
(e.g. duplicated text background feature)
I added an MSO highlight palette, which can be used to select MSO used
highlight colors. I added it unconditionally because it's a known feature
of LO that it tries to support MSO formats. As we do not hide MSO formats
in the save dialog why we should hide the feature to support MSO highlight
colors. I think it makes more sense to have an mso-highlight palette, then
having one called with 'libreoffice' for example. We have the 'standard'
color palette, then what 'libreoffice' means here and why it's limited to
around 30 colors. And there are other very useful palettes like tonal,
material, freecolour-hlc. Do anyone uses these? I mean normal users. I
think it makes more sense to have an MSO compatible highlight palette here,
then having the other mentioned above, because we know that there are lots
of LO users having a problem with MSO compatibility. The default color
palette is the 'standard', so adding a mso-highlight palette there, won't
bother those users who are not interested, because they just not select
that color palette.

But of course, everybody knows better how to solve this issue: the users,
the QA team and the design team, without actually knowing the context.

Best Regards,
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