hi, i find high bug for calc 6.2 until 6.4 (factory)

Manuel Muzzurru manuel_songokuh at yahoo.it
Sun May 3 13:44:58 UTC 2020

i find true bug for calc from 6.2 until 6.4(Versione:  Build ID: 40(Build:2) )
i insert image from firefox: copy image from firefox and paste in calc, works for inserted image but when i start to scale (dimension) this is start frozen but ram is growing up from 2gb to 20gb of ram but i must to kill process in task (kde5 )..same version 6.2 until 6.4.. nothing detect from you (team developers)?
i leave here link my file attach..https://mega.nz/file/nspVFDoQ#FQ6sRh-1JC4CCpkVryIrWdYC8kg2xAw9qe1CsIa_qeA
good luck for fix it

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