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Mon May 4 13:17:35 UTC 2020

Hi Eivind,

On 03/05/2020 12:47, Eivind Samseth wrote:
> here’s some input from me after having tested quite a few
> macOS bugs through the years:
> I read through the list of open macOS bugs (there’s only
> 220!) and here are some notable major ones and CJK issues

	Thank you; very helpful - I expect Tor may have some time to look at
some of these.

> Also, what is the relation to NeoOffice?
> They publish their sources and have e.g., fixed the bug with> mixed Retina and low-dpi screens:

	Its a fork run by some old friends. Patrick Luby has a license
statement in our Developers page, but unless they're contributing
something explicitly I'd not feel happy looking at their code, much less
using it.

> AFAICT from the sources, they’re on LO 4.4 which in other
> ways is quite sub-optimal



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