GSOC'2020 Introduction

Yusuf Keten ketenyusuf at
Tue May 12 16:19:47 UTC 2020


I'm Yusuf Keten, a second-year computer engineering student from Turkey. I
will work on "Additions - Tight integration of extensions!". I am grateful
to the all LO community for considering me eligible to GSoC. Also, special
thanks to my mentors, Muhammet Kara, and Heiko Tietze for their guidance.

I will need an API to get data about extensions. So, I will contact
with the Infrastructure team. Once the API is ready, I'll implement it to
Extension Manager using it.

You can contact me whenever you want with email and IRC. My IRC nick is
"yusufketen". After the coding period starts, I will share weekly updates
about my project.

Best regards,
Yusuf Keten
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