Query on Calc Pivot Tables

Kohei Yoshida kohei at libreoffice.org
Thu May 14 23:07:49 UTC 2020

On 09.05.2020 12:10, Steve Fanning wrote:

> However Calc also (automatically) puts a field called “Data” in
> the “Column Fields” area of the dialog. Please could somebody
> explain what this “Data” field is for?

My one-sentence explanation would be: this "Data" field controls the 
layout of the data fields when your pivot table contains two or more 
data field.

Admittedly that sentence sounds awkward and confusing.  It's better that 
you see it in action than me trying to explain it in words.  Try 
creating a pivot table with two or more data fields, then your table 
will include this mysterious "Data" field header in the output.  Try 
dragging it to various places and see how that affects the layout of the 
table.  When you create a pivot table with only one data field (or no 
data fields at all), you won't see this "Data" field header.

I hope this gives you some idea of what this "Data" field is.  I 
personally think this field needs a better name, but I'm not a UI guy 
and I have no idea what word would fit better than "Data".


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