GSoC'20 Introduction

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Fri May 15 04:41:08 UTC 2020


I am Ahmed ElShreif a senior computer engineering student from Egypt. I am
really happy to share with all of LO community that I am accepted this year
again in GSoC.

I was a GSoC'19 student with LO in this project [1]. And I am really happy
to have the chance to work with LO community again. I would like to thank
Markus Mohrhard and Xisco Fauli for the support and help that they always
give to me.

As we have in LO logger system that can log user interaction so my last
year project was mainly about implementing new DSL that we could log all
user action in its syntax then transpile it to python UITest that we can
use in testing.

This year project [2] is to extending the ability of the uitest to cover
the unsupported items that can be found here[3] and add them to the logger
system that we have with the new DSL. This will give more coverage for more
features in our testing in the future.

I am willing to make a blog about the project and provide weekly report
about the status of the project and share it here. I am really hope to make
great achievements this summer with LO.

I am interested to hear all your feedbacks and comments about the 2
projects. And I will be really happy to answer any question related to them
on my mail or on the IRC:"shiko". Thanks everyone.


Ahmad ElShreif
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