How to use running slideshow in unit test?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Fri May 15 15:12:48 UTC 2020

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Behrens schrieb am 14-May-20 um 23:28:
> Hi Regina,
> better late than never -
> Regina Henschel wrote:
>> xPresentation2->start();
>> CPPUNIT_ASSERT(xPresentation2->isRunning());
>> But the assertion fails.
> Many slideshow activities happen timer-based, that also includes the
> initial start.
> I'd stick a Scheduler::ProcessEventsToIdle() after the start() call,
> and see how far that gets you.

Unfortunately that does not work. The assertion still fails.

> It _might_ turn out that in the end, a subsequent or uitest might be
> more suitable to what you'd need here...

I've never done anything like this before. Are there any examples or 
instructions, maybe regarding slideshow?

Kind regards

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