Suggestion: No more language packs for macOS as they are fundamentally broken

Mike Kaganski mikekaganski at
Thu May 21 10:56:40 UTC 2020

On 21.05.2020 13:35, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>   * A build with a multitude of UI languages. Not all, but those with
>     "good enough" coverage. This build would also contain all
>     dictionaries (even for languages for which the UI is not included)
>   * A number of other builds each with some geographic subset of the
>     rest of the UI languages, plus English (and, perhaps French,
>     Russian, and other languages that are commonly known as non-native
>     languages in the geographic area in question). Also in these builds
>     all dictionaries would be included.
> ...
> If somebody needs LibreOffice with UI in languages that are in separate
> builds, they would need to install two copies of LibreOffice.

I suggest not to do "geographic subset" builds. One build with
everything included would be the best option - e.g., maintenance-wise
(one single binary; no problem allowing parallel installations for the
last remark; etc.); and also UX-wise (the additional options add
complexity, requiring more documentation, more confusion, more options
to download -> how to choose, new user errors...).

I don't think that excluding *partially* some of language packs -
because "Also in these builds all dictionaries would be included" -
would save much space anyway.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski
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