Suggestion: No more language packs for macOS as they are fundamentally broken

Eivind Samseth eisa01 at
Thu May 21 11:09:40 UTC 2020

Just to correct myself

LO Vanilla uses file compression so the size on disk is only 0.7 GB!

I don’t think the current TDF builds do that? Would alleviate completely any concerns about disk space usage

FYI: Word etc. do not use compression on their .app bundle

(base) EivindsMBP2015:Applications eivind$ afsctool -v "LibreOffice"
Number of HFS+ compressed files: 13400
Total number of files: 14210
Total number of folders: 1127
Total number of items (number of files + number of folders): 15337
Folder size (uncompressed; reported size by Mac OS 10.6+ Finder): 2231006566 bytes / 2.26 GB (gigabytes) / 2.11 GiB (gibibytes)
Folder size (compressed - decmpfs xattr; reported size by Mac OS 10.0-10.5 Finder): 667920126 bytes / 681.5 MB (megabytes) / 649.9 MiB (mebibytes)
Folder size (compressed): 678052441 bytes / 691.6 MB (megabytes) / 659.6 MiB (mebibytes)
Compression savings: 69.6%
Approximate total folder size (files + file overhead + folder overhead): 700212535 bytes / 700.2 MB (megabytes) / 667.8 MiB (mebibytes)

Supported on both HFS+ and APFS since 10.6

> On 21 May 2020, at 12:48, Eivind Samseth <eisa01 at> wrote:
> Sounds like a good solution, as the current method is fundamentally broken wrt code-signing, and is an extra step for users
> How big would the .app bundle be? That would be the only drawback
> I see the LO Vanilla build is 2.2 GB vs 0.8 GB for a single language build
> This is still less than MS Office that also bundles localizations:
> Word: 2.1 GB
> Excel: 1.7 GB
> PowerPoint: 1.6 GB
> So LO would still beat the 5.3 GB in total for the competition :)
> A workaround would be to offer also an English-only build for users short on disk space - Apple was very stingy on SSD size for a while, with only 128 GB on the default models...
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