Suggestion: No more language packs for macOS as they are fundamentally broken

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Fri May 22 07:54:26 UTC 2020

Technically, I wonder though - in case the all-in-one build would be
> deemed too bulky, couldn't we download extra languages dynamically,
> and then hold it - per user - in the configuration subdirectory?
But that is essentially the first approach I tried, where a language pack
would be installed in a directory of the user (like ~/Library/Application
Support/LibreOffice/4/langpacks). The problem with that was that the
changes necessary to teach LibreOffice to look for everything that a
language pack contains in that directory, too, are large and
controversial, to code that already is rather inscrutable. I didn't have
the patience and clout to continue. (Feel free to continue.) To just stop
distributing language packs is IMHO a much simpler and more pragmatic

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