Suggestion: No more language packs for macOS as they are fundamentally broken

julien2412 serval2412 at
Fri May 22 16:55:09 UTC 2020

Hello Tor,

I supposed you tried hard to fix this and contact every person who may help
IMHO, it means we don't have the capacity to provide a localized version of
LO for MacOs correctly.
Doing an English version + all languages versions or doing 95% languages
version, etc. is just a poor bandaid.

So what about stopping MacOs release as long as the problem isn't fixed?
Of course it might take several weeks or months (hope no more) to solve the
pb but if we have so few people able to hack on MacOs, no need to pretend

Don't misunderstand me, I think you do a great job like other LO expert devs
but we obviously reached the limit here. This thread, after this other one,
shows there's a real pb concerning MacOs support.

The only solution here seems to pay the price (yes I suppose there would be
several "0" in it but let's hope less than 6!) to find MacOs expert(s) to
fix this properly.


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