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Sat May 23 10:32:49 UTC 2020

tor. 21. mai 2020 kl. 16:32 skrev Miklos Vajna <vmiklos at>:

> * macOS runtime baseline (Eivind, from mailing list)
>     + proposal:
>         + runtime: bump requirement from 10.10 to 10.11
>         + also deprecate <10.14
>     + rationale: “Then a depreciation warning should be put in for
> 10.12-13 as they will not receive security fixes past this fall”
>     + prefer to have input from Cloph and Stephan (Xisco)
>     + bump to 10.10 was just a year ago, so maybe jump to 10.11 may be too
> new
>     + a year ago, 10.10 was 6.24%, and halved since then (Ilmari)
> => postponing till next week
Just a note here: macOS has yearly releases, so if 10.10 was bumped a year
ago, it would be ok to bump to 10.11 a year later.
Also, 10.11 has _the same_ hardware requirements as 10.10, so no-one loses
the ability to run LO

10.12 and 10.13 also has the exact same hardware requirements, as such it
would make sense to bump minimum version to 10.13 the next time, and
deprecate them together already now so users get a fair warning in case
newer features require it (I'm not saying to needlessly bump system
versions, but it shouldn't hold development back on a platform with limited
developer resources)

Interestingly Firefox currently support macOS back to 10.9 (bumped four
years ago)
Chrome supports 10.10
-> This probably explains the surprisingly large amount of users on
outdated and needlessly outdated versions :)

   + Most pressing bugs:
>      New:
>                 None
>      Old:
>        + macOS: Can't Save As after installing language pack on Catalina
>            +
>            + more info here: “Subject: Budget 2020 proposals and macOS
> Catalina support / onboarding” on the dev list (Heiko)
>        + Notarize LibreOffice builds so that it launches without warnings
> on macOS 10.15 Catalina
>            +
>            + Cloph?

The original "save-as" bug on Catalina seems to have gone missing from the
most pressing bugs, after I renamed it to be more accurate "save as on
standard accounts not working":

I also loaded up my Catalina SSD and tested the notarisation on bug 126409,
we still miss on notarisation requirements as far as I can tell when I
compare to Firefox (as this is not something I know much about).

More detail in the bug, but e.g., :

codesign --test-requirement="=notarized" --verify --verbose a sealed resource is missing or invalid

file added:

file added:

file added:

file added:

file added:

file added:

file added:

codesign --test-requirement="=notarized" --verify --verbose valid on disk satisfies its Designated Requirement explicit requirement satisfied

spctl -a -vvv a sealed resource is missing or invalid

spctl -a -vvv accepted

source=Notarized Developer ID

origin=Developer ID Application: Mozilla Corporation (43AQ936H96)
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