Jean-Pierre Ledure jp at
Thu Nov 5 16:19:55 UTC 2020

Hi Mike,

well, I'm  now in the middle of the process ... ??

I have pushed a number of NEW source files (Basic & Python) and have 
still 2 commits to go. (Note that I have committer's access).

Afterwards I have 1 commit which updates 6 (make/config/...) files 
existing already in the source tree.

Is it fair to say that the last commit should be reviewed ?
- who will be the reviewer ?
- what is the git command to push for review ? Is it git push origin 
mybranch:refs/for/master ?


Le 5/11/20 à 16:43, Mike Kaganski a écrit :
> On 30.10.2020 16:33, Jean-Pierre Ledure wrote:
>> Hi,
>> during the coming week, the ScriptForge library (read below) will be 
>> integrated in the master branch of LO.
> Please, please don't skip Gerrit review and Jenkins testing when 
> pushing anything to core. Thanks!

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