Mathml XMLReader (starmath module)

Dante Doménech dante19031999 at
Sun Nov 22 14:27:33 UTC 2020

Hello. I'm trying to add support for &charname; in mathml.
The reason why actually isn't supported is because mathml is being loaded
as XML. It is similar, but it isn't. That is why when XmlReader finds a
mathml particular &charname, it will throw an exception at
XmlReader::handleReference. However mathml specifics can not be added,
since they're not part of the XML standard.

So the solution pases by an SmXmlReader with it's own
SmXmlReader::handleReference ( a subclass overriding the method). However
I'm having a hard time finding out how it is called from
mathmlimport.cxx/hxx or document.cxx/hxx.

Does anyone know where do I have to switch the xmlreaders ?
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