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> Subject: 	Need help implementing a patch
> Date: 	Thu, 19 Nov 2020 20:30:20 -0300
> From: 	Rafael Lima <rafael.palma.lima at gmail.com>
> To: 	mentoring at documentfoundation.org
> Hi!
> I am developing a patch to LO Impress to update the "Table Design"
> styles. The ones currently available are reminiscent of the OpenOffice
> era and do not look modern (see image https://imgur.com/WibEM0K
> <https://imgur.com/WibEM0K>).
> The current styles are hard-coded in the file:
> sd/source/core/drawdoc4.cxx
> What I did was update the colors with new RGB values and new style
> names. Previously there were 11 styles and now I implemented 14 new
> styles, deleting the old ones (see image https://imgur.com/deRdfRX
> <https://imgur.com/deRdfRX>). Everything is working well with my
> build... I can create files, add tables, apply the new styles, save
> the files and reopen them using my build.
> The problem is when I open the files with the official build of LO
> (that still uses the old styles). Even though the new styles are saved
> into the styles.xml file (inside the zipped odp file), the official LO
> build overrides these styles and default all cell colors to blue.
> Is there anyone available to be my mentor in this patch?
> Many thanks!
> Rafael Lima
Xisco Faulí
LibreOffice QA Team
IRC: x1sc0

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