Failing testTdf107020 - crop size mismatch after load & reload

Mark Hung marklh9 at
Mon Oct 5 16:10:30 UTC 2020


I try to inspect unit tests that fail in my environment.

testTdf107020 in sw/qa/extras/ooxmlexport/ooxmlexport14
is one of them.

Test name: testTdf107020::Load_Reload_Verify
equality assertion failed
- Expected: 27183
- Actual  : 27187

The xml fragment that in the original file is:
<a:srcRect l="4912" t="27185" r="57646" b="48371"/>

The numbers above are relative. The units are in 1000th percentage. They
are multiplied by the graphic size to get their absolute measure. The
graphic size has to be converted from pixel to 100th mm first.

I wonder if this is the major source of error in my environment that is
differ from buildbots.

Any other possible source of error that is platform or locale specific?
Is that a good idea to make the assert some kind of range checking so I can
pass that unit test?

Mark Hung
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