Great Benefit 

Sheikh Hamdan sheikh.hamdan at
Sun Oct 11 12:50:19 UTC 2020


I'm Sheikh Hamdan the Crown prince of Dubai, chairman of 
Dubai executive council Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE 
Minister of Finance.. but preferred to be called fazza. 
Fazza means courageous. I'm 35 years old and 5.6 ft 
tall. I'm a Muslim by religion.

I want to be a close friend of yours and also want a 
close relationship with you which you will highly 
benefit from. I have a mission/assignment to build over 
10,000 charity foundations all over the world and I need 
your assistant to build one in your community.

Each project is worth 5,000,000 dollars and I want you 
to be our representative in your community on behalf of 
the Kingdom of Dubai.

You must meet up with the requirements and follow due 
process before you will meet with my father who will 
assign you after your induction into the family of the 
royal kingdom of Dubai.

Sheikh Hamdan
The Crown Prince of Dubai

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