Optimization thought, concurrent importing of slides

方振华(601661) fong at nd.com.cn
Mon Oct 19 03:32:39 UTC 2020

Our two competitors MS Office/WPS do not have the problem of scaling. Opening a document with 100 slides makes little percetible difference from opening a PPT of one single slide. We take a look at the code, and we think, maybe, instead of importing the document slide by slide, would it be possible to import all the slides at once with multiple threads?

Has anyone made such attemp? What stops us from using concurrent processing?

Here are the code snippet, in oox/source/ppt/presentationfragmenthandler.cxx
void PresentationFragmentHandler::finalizeImport()
            int nPagesImported = 0;
            for (sal_Int32 elem : aRangeEnumerator)
                if ( rxStatusIndicator.is() )
                    rxStatusIndicator->setValue((nPagesImported * 10000) / aRangeEnumerator.size());

                importSlide(elem, !nPagesImported, bImportNotesPages);
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