Optimization thought, concurrent importing of slides

Luboš Luňák l.lunak at collabora.com
Mon Oct 19 11:40:15 UTC 2020

On Monday 19 of October 2020, Mike Kaganski wrote:
> Hi,
> On 19.10.2020 6:32, 方振华(601661) wrote:
> > Our two competitors MS Office/WPS do not have the problem of scaling.
> > Opening a document with 100 slides makes little percetible difference
> > from opening a PPT of one single slide. We take a look at the code, and
> > we think, maybe, instead of importing the document slide by slide, would
> > it be possible to import all the slides at once with multiple threads?
> >
> > Has anyone made such attemp? What stops us from using concurrent
> > processing?

 Thread-safety of the relevant code (the lack of, that is). You can try to 
improve that, but it's a question of how hard that would be.

 But first of all, if you want to improve anything related to performance, the 
first step should be to actually profile it, so that you know instead of 

> Looks like this is what
> https://git.libreoffice.org/core/+/8062e88e73acd8d1f9a62b0bd519b499693285e3
> recently did for ODF case, it seems?

 That commit is only for loading images, not whole documents (i.e. it helps 
somewhat, but not that much).

 Luboš Luňák
 l.lunak at collabora.com

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