Is Executable_libtest still useful?

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Thu Oct 22 13:11:09 UTC 2020

desktop/, first introduced with 
"liblibo: create initial liblibreoffice", appears to be some debugging 
aid related to LibreOfficeKit.  However, at least with various recent 
master builds of mine on Linux,

> workdir/LinkTarget/Executable/libtest ~/lo/core/instdir/program ~/Documents/test.odt

(with some random test.odt) always fails with

> workdir/LinkTarget/Executable/libtest: symbol lookup error: ~/lo/core/instdir/program/../program/ undefined symbol: _ZN17SvxCharRotateItemC1Etbt

so I wonder whether that program is actually still maintained and used 
by anybody.  (At least the last dozen or so changes to 
smoketest/libtest.cxx were of the generic loplugin/typos/tools::Long 
etc. kind, and we could spare ourselves future such work if we removed 
the file should it indeed be dead code.)

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