Question of convert pdf limitation

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Tue Oct 27 01:50:22 UTC 2020

Hi Miklos

Thanks for much for your reply. you are right, it's not releated the Libre, it's the because the timeout.


At 2020-10-22 15:31:35, "Miklos Vajna" <vmiklos at> wrote:
>Hi Lisa,
>On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 02:59:25PM +0800, hi <zezhenyan at> wrote:
>> I think LibreOffice is a good tool of converting other format to pdf. I use LIbreOffice + JODConverter, then convert pptx to pdf. but if the source file size great than 4M, it will failed.
>> Could you give me some advice of size limitation in below format?
>There should not be such a limit, at least not intentionally. I
>recommend that you try to debug what exactly jodconverter is sending to
>the UNO API and what you get back, to see if it's indeed the soffice
>process is at fault, or somewhere at a higher layer.
>Failing that, you could file a bugreport with a reproducer document and
>code at
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