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Raghav Khanna raghav.29.khanna at
Wed Oct 28 05:37:18 UTC 2020

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am a computer enthusiast who is highly interested in Contributing to
Please Guide me how I can start doing so. I have learnt C++ in my School
and have been learning some python lately. I have made some websites in the
past too( just for fun ), so I know some Javascript too.I am open to learn
anything and everything and that too quickly as I'm highly interested in
Please Guide me so that I can Contribute to the Community.

*How I came to know about LibreOffice*?
I have got a chance to use my class 11th once. When I used it I
found LibreOffice as an alternative for MS Office.
I've just finished my drop year and I'm ready to go to some good college
this year. After some research I came to know about GSOC and on their
website I saw LibreOffice. I immediately wanted to contribute to such a
great community that has been providing such a great product for free!

Thanks for reading.
Raghav Khanna,
A Computer Enthusiast.
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