Planned Gerrit upgrade on Sat, 14 Nov at 00:00 UTC

Guilhem Moulin guilhem at
Thu Oct 29 01:48:51 UTC 2020

Hi there,

We'll briefly bring gerrit down on Sat, 14 Nov at 00:00 UTC in order to
upgrade it to 3.2.  The downtime should be short but there might be
disruption that night if there are any unforeseen issues we need to

The upstream release notes can be found at .
I guess the only relevant bits are the file upload thing in the web UI,
the “revert” button, optional review label stickiness (per project
setting), the ‘CherryPickOf’ API field, and the `gerrit set-topic` SSH

You can see an overview of what it'll look like on our stage instance at .  A notable cosmetic
change is that it appears it's no longer possible to “abuse” profile
statuses with a random emoji [0]: instead gerrit now shows a boring
generic icon which when hovered shows the actual status string. :-)


[0] Upstream change:
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