GSoC - Weekly Report - #8 - Table styles

Balázs Sántha santha.balazs at
Mon Aug 2 08:38:05 UTC 2021

Dear Community!

This week I finally had success to implement the optimization I was
describing last week. I was really stuck, beacuse I had some build
problems, and also didn't find the right classes, with which to solve the
problem was quite easy. So I hopped on the IRC dev chat, and Mike Kaganski
was helpful, and helped me with my questions. Now there are some failed
unit tests, I need to fix, so I will work on them this week. Furthermore, I
need to handle that, recently docx import looses direct character
formattings if they are applied on an empty cell, so one possible (and
easiest) method would be to turn on the original writerfilter functionality
for those cases.
Here is the link about the ongoing patch: patch
I hope I can finish this by the middle of the week, and can continue the
work on with rebasing the table-style branch on the current master.

If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts or suggestions, please share
with me!

Balázs Sántha, santhab
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