GSoC Week #8 Progress Report

Tushar Kumar Rai tusharrai282 at
Wed Aug 4 18:07:02 UTC 2021

Hello everyone .

This week I continued the implementation of Extension Data Providers .
Interface XDataProvider has functions -

css::uno::Sequence <long> getProviderRange() - returns the database range
provided by user.

css::table::XCell getCellByPosition(row,col) to return the cell at given
position and then retrieving properties of cell using methods of

Class ExtensionDataProvider implements the XDataProvider Interface.
ExtensionDataProvider is coded to provide compatibility with existing
internal Data Providers and is called from DataProvider.cxx.

Currently I am getting few errors which I am trying to resolve . Hopefully
in 2-3 days I will submit the patch for same .

Tushar Kumar Rai
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