Week #9 Report GSoC Make SVM format independent of the VCL Metafile

Πανος Κοροβεσης panoskorovesis at outlook.com
Sun Aug 8 14:17:11 UTC 2021

Good evening,

This week I finished working on SvmWriter[1] on my local branch and all 
that's left is for the remaining commits
to be merged.
I also replaced all instances of GDIMetaFile::Read[2], 
ReadGDIMetaFile[3], GDIMetaFile::Write[4], WriteGDIMetaFile[5] with
the new read - write functionality, SvmReader::Read and SvmWriter::Write 
respectively. These changes are
also in my local branch and will be merged after the ones from SvmWriter.

Code Pointers:






Next week TODO's:

1) Submit the remaining patches onto gerrit
2) Remove functions [2] until [5] from source code as they will be not 
used anymore (after all the patches are merged)
3) Discuss with my mentors about the next steps!

Panos Korovesis

PS: PS: Link the the previous report:

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