Why is PolyPolygonShape excluded from DML export?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Tue Aug 24 13:05:30 UTC 2021

Hi Miklos, hi all,

Excluding polygon shapes from DML export (done as fix for tdf#75254) is 
no longer needed. But I'm still unsure whether to remove this restriction.

Polygon shapes are already exported as DML in Impress and Calc. So the 
behavior would become consistent.
Polygon shapes could use the same improvements in wrapping as made for 
Bézier curves.

On reopening the polygon shape would be converted to a custom shape. 
That means, that the user can no longer edit the points. Having only VML 
in the file opens the shape as PolyPolygonShape which allows point editing.

So what to you suggest?

Kind regards

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