freetype2 2.11.0-1.1 Update Breaks on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Luboš Luňák l.lunak at
Thu Aug 26 18:51:28 UTC 2021

On Sunday 22 of August 2021, Luke Benes wrote:
> This also breaks the built on Gentoo and has been reported there too(see
> below). Should we patch our tarball or just update it?
> Luboš,
> You've been the most active maintainer. Any thoughts?

 Skia uses some unstable freetype API. I've patched that out, now it should 

> -Luke
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> Subject: [Bug 1189444] freetype2 2.11.0-1.1 Update Breaks LibreOffice Build
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> 1189444<> from Markéta
> Machová
> I am aware of this. See for more info, newer
> skia needs to be bundled with LO (you can find some patches there). But...
> well, I can take skia tarball, patch it and just hardcode it there (without
> the download link), but I find it a bit dirty.

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