GSoC - Final Report

Akshit akshitsan13 at
Sat Aug 28 10:57:21 UTC 2021

Hey everyone,
Here's the link to my final project report:,
do check it out.
I am highly obliged to my mentors and the LibreOffice community for giving
me the wonderful opportunity to work on this project. The period of GSoC
has been an awesome ride for me altogether and thanks to this program, I
have a lot of takeaways with me, be it learning to maneuver through the
large code-base or be it learning a lot of new things about C++ that I
don't think I would've learned otherwise, the list just goes on. The most
important part of the program although for me was that I got to work under
the mentorship of my brilliant mentors - Tomaz Vajngerl and Lubos Lunak. I
am highly grateful to both of them, specially Tomaz Vajngerl, for being
super supportive and helpful and without whom it would not have been
possible to complete the project successfully. I also would like to
thank Ilmari Lauhakangas for helping and guiding me when I was a rookie to
LibreOffice's development. Lastly, I would like to assert that I am very
privileged to be a part of this wonderful community and even after GSoC, I
still will try to continue my contributions further to LibreOffice.
Thanks to the best community ever,

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