[Libre-Calc, Auto-Filter] Hint to improve the auto-filter in Libre-calc

yonatan jose mejia vargas yonatan.el.amigo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 09:29:45 UTC 2021

Best regards!.

I am writing to report a problem that I have in Libre-Calc with the Auto-Filter.

I made a long list of products with their prices and I used the
auto-filter to search by name or by price and everything worked
wonderfully (this tool is really great), my only drawback with this
filter is that it does not stay protected if it is activated The
"protect sheet" function, this means that if the user deactivates it
by mistake, they will not know how to activate it again (for example
if the user has no experience using libre-calc).

See my question here:

Do you think this will be improved in the future? I would also like
you to consider protecting the auto-filter as a request for a new
function or improvement.

I leave, greetings and thanks in advance !.

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