RFC: merge Sdr* and their UNO sibling objects

Noel Grandin noelgrandin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 09:21:15 UTC 2021

TLDR; I intend to merge the Sdr/Svx objects and their UNO siblings

I was motivated by this by a combination of seeing
(b) trying to optimise a chart issue where I realised I would need some way
to tunnel through the UNO objects to get to the underlying Sdr objects,
which are quite capable of performing the required operation efficiently.

So the first stage is this one: merge the SdrPage hierarchy, and looks (at
this stage) like this:


The second stage is merging the SdrModel stuff, which will be smaller.

The third stage will be quite a large patch, and will need merging the

Anyway, just checking that no-one has fundamental objects to this idea.

Regards, Noel.
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