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Hossein Noorikhah at
Wed Feb 10 18:14:56 UTC 2021


Thanks for your attention.

I am also using "Qt Creator 4.14.0", and I am using the up-to-date git master. I
removed all the .pro.user and .pro files generated by the invocation of
"bin/gbuild-to-ide --ide qtcreator", using this tiny script:

    for f in `find -name "*.pro.user"`
        echo $f
        rm $pro
        rm $f

then regenerated .pro files using:

    make qtcreator-ide-integration

and then loaded in Qt Creator. In this stage, I had to:

1. Disable shadow build, otherwise I was getting several errors when I wanted to
build the project.
2. Remove qmake build step, otherwise I was also getting several errors when I
wanted to build the project.
3. Change "SUBDIRS = . \" to "SUBDIRS = ../core \", otherwise I wasn't able to
see get loaded and I was getting this error message:
    /path/to/libreoffice/core/ Could not find .pro file for subdirectory
        "." in "/path/to/libreoffice/core/.".
4. Manually add the executable "instdir/program/soffice.bin", otherwise I was
getting this error message:
    You need to set an executable in the custom run configuration.

After doing all these steps, things were fine. So, I think all these steps are
currently necessary, unless the "bin/gbuild-to-ide" script is further tuned.

I had issues with other IDE integration outputs which need separate discussions.


On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 7:51 PM Ilmari Lauhakangas
<ilmari.lauhakangas at> wrote:
> On 10.2.2021 18.13, Michael Weghorn wrote:
> > Hi Hossein,
> >
> > thanks! Could you possibly recheck whether all of the custom steps for
> > Qt Creator setup are still necessary with an up-to-date git master?
> >
> > Those 3 commits from Sunday were meant to simplify the setup a bit
> > (automatically set up run + build configurations), so it'd be
> > interesting to hear whether that actually works for you as well (I just
> > tested with Qt Creator 4.14 myself):
> >
> > *
> >!
> > ("qtcreator: Don't create useless run configurations for subdirs")
> Gitiles has some weird glitch and shows the wrong commit for two of
> these. Working link:
> > *
> >!
> > ("qtcreator: Drop some extra whitespace in .pro.user template")
> >
> > *
> >!
> > ("qtcreator: Show actual names for build configurations")
> Working link:
> Ilmari
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