Referral from Bugzilla: GZipping releases for nothing

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz1 at
Thu Feb 11 21:16:17 UTC 2021

Hello LO developers,

(I've been referred with my issue from a Bugzilla page [1] to this list.)

Currently, the LibreOffice DEB and RPM tarballs are distributed in
gzipped form.

However, the DEB and RPM package files are already themselves
compressed; the DEBs seem to use LZMA even. And, indeed, the gzipping
doesn't seem to reduce the total size.

So - please consider not gzipping. You're just wasting people's CPU
cycles for decompressing the tarball. Why not just distribute
libreoffice_whatever.tar ?

Eyal Rozenberg

PS - Self-introduction for my first post: w.r.t. this issue, I'm just a
lay user. Other than that - I've done a lot of issue reporting and
triage regarding RTL, Hebrew and Arabic support in recent years. I'm a
researcher and FOSS developer:

  [1] :

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