First-time build error

Alan Frank alan at
Thu Feb 25 18:58:48 UTC 2021

I am a new developer, trying to get started.  Ilmari provided a bunch of 
resources; I installed lots of software and got to the point where I 
thought I was ready to build.  I entered the command and options from 
the instructions:

$   /cygdrive/c/sources/libo-core/ \
                --with-external-tar=/cygdrive/c/sources/lo-externalsrc \
                --with-junit=/cygdrive/c/sources/junit-4.10.jar \
                --with-ant-home=/cygdrive/c/sources/apache-ant-1.9.5 \
                --enable-pch --disable-ccache

After lots of successful assertions, I ran into this error:

checking for al.exe... configure: error: al.exe not found as /al.exe
Error running configure at /cygdrive/c/sources/libo-core/ line 

Line 316: system ("./configure", @args) && die "Error running 

The file al.exe does not exist anywhere on my machine.  A web search 
suggests that it comes with the MS Visual Studio install and lives in 
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 (even though there are 
also folders for v3.0, v3.5, and v4.0.30319).  I did that as part of my 
install, and the directory has 185 files, but no al.exe.  I was not able 
to find any trustworthy place to just download al.exe.


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