Are there ideas for client-server model.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Tue Jul 6 08:15:01 UTC 2021


I 'm curious there have been attempts to make libreoffice work in
client-server model, without help of a web browser. I'm thinking of:

a client on the workspation shows a window on the document, one page,
and some lines before and after for caching), getting information from
server which fonts, toolbars, modules and addons are supported. Client
has never the whole document, only a part to show to user.

a server which reads the document from disk, and listens on socket for
incoming clients.
After connection a custom protocol (something like Open Document
Network Protocol) to provide the client the necessary and requested
info and data to offer the user a compete interface, and provide a
user a start window.
Server can handle more than one user in one document at the time, as
long as the different client windows do not overlap. (client has write
access in this window, not outside it).
Server offers in combination with other collaboration software (like
chatting, and overview of users working in the same project and/or
document, like messages a user has left/entered the document etc).

If there is not such initiative I want to start one.


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