Can some characters, '<' and '>' add in Korean Line break rules file on LibreOffice?

DaeHyun Sung sungdh86 at
Sat Jul 10 18:28:33 UTC 2021

Hello, All.
I'm DaeHyun Sung, I'm Korean.

I checked Korean Line break rules file (
i18npool/source/localedata/data/ko_KR.xml ).
Below is one of the file contents, Korean Line break rules file on


Korean Line break rules file ( i18npool/source/localedata/data/ko_KR.xml )
is an xml file format.
So, I want some characters, '<' and '>', But, There doesn't add some
characters '<' and '>'.

So, I converted '>' to '>'. '<' to '&lt'.

In the xml file, I had already converted  '>' to '>'. '<' to '&lt'. But,
It doesn't work on LibreOffice.

In Korean, The character '<'  can't end a line. Also The character '>'
can't start a line.
But, As a LibreOffice's xml rule, it doesn't define the Line Break rules in
Korean on LibreOffice.

Belows are the Example of Line Break rules in Korean.
1. HWP(Korea's No1 word program, Hangul Word Processor)'s Line break rules.
* Cannot start a line: 、。,.:;?!’”)〕]}〉》」』】°′″℃¢%!%),.:;?]}'">'

2. OOXML ISO/IEC 29500–1:2016(E)
* Cannot start a line: !%),.:;?]}¢°'"′″℃〉》」』】〕!%),.:;?]}¢ (Unicode
character values: U+0021, U+0025, U+0029, U+002C, U+002E, U+003A, U+003B,
U+003F, U+005D, U+007D, U+00A2, U+00B0, U+2019, U+201D, U+2032, U+2033,
U+2103, U+3009, U+300B, U+300D, U+300F, U+3011, U+3015, U+FF01, U+FF05,
U+FF09, U+FF0C, U+FF0E, U+FF1A, U+FF1B, U+FF1F, U+FF3D, U+FF5D and U+FFE0,
* Cannot end a line: $([\{£¥'"〈《「『【〔$([{£¥₩ (Unicode character values:
U+0024, U+0028, U+005B, U+005C, U+007B, U+00A3, U+00A5, U+2018, U+201C,
U+3008, U+300A, U+300C, U+300E, U+3010, U+3014, U+FF04, U+FF08, U+FF3B,
U+FF5B, U+FFE1, U+FFE5, and U+FFE6, respectively)

How can I add the special characters '<' and '>' to the xml file?

Check it Please.

DaeHyun Sung(성대현,成大鉉)

Korean Open Source Developer, Contributor, Translator.
LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME Contributor.
The Document Foundation Member in Korea.
GNOME Foundation Member in Korea.
Interested in LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME, Web, etc.
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