lt_string_value assertion and MS x-none languagetag (was: testVerticallyMergedCellBorder failing on some systems)

Eike Rathke erack at
Mon Jul 12 13:13:52 UTC 2021


On Saturday, 2021-07-10 10:00:31 +0300, Ilmari Lauhakangas wrote:

> [CUT] sw_core_layout
> [_RUN_____] testVerticallyMergedCellBorder::TestBody
> E: lt_string_value: assertion `string != ((void *)0)' failed
> E: lt_string_value: assertion `string != ((void *)0)' failed
> E: lt_string_value: assertion `string != ((void *)0)' failed
> E: lt_string_value: assertion `string != ((void *)0)' failed

Unrelated to the test failing or not, but I wondered why those
assertions came up and loading the test doc
manually yields the same along with

E: lt_string_value: assertion `string != ((void *)0)' failed
warn:i18nlangtag:815276:815276:i18nlangtag/source/languagetag/languagetag.cxx:1587: LanguageTag::getLanguageFromLangtag: pLangT==NULL for 'x-none'
warn:i18nlangtag:815276:815276:i18nlangtag/source/languagetag/languagetag.cxx:1645: LanguageTag::getRegionFromLangtag: pRegionT==NULL for 'x-none'

We do not have any private language tag 'x-none' in our code base and
also grepping over all workdir/UnpackedTarball didn't reveal any but the
document contains it in ./word/settings.xml as
<w:themeFontLang w:val="en-US" w:eastAsia="x-none" w:bidi="x-none"/>

Breaking in LanguageTag implementation revealed that it's passed to
the PropertyValue aPropSeq contains
eastAsia = "x-none"
bidi = "x-none"

So apparently this private use languagetag is not so privately used by
MS-Word and escapes to the outer world. Am I guessing right that it
denotes the absence of Asian and CTL font features? Should we handle it
explicitly as a known languagetag? Does anything rely on a valid
conversion to LCID or lang::Locale and back? (I'd guess so..)


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