Are there ideas for client-server model.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Sat Jul 17 13:29:12 UTC 2021

Hi all,

so to make this work I have to port code from de Online server created by
Collabora to Libreoffce?

My ideas:
- client server model, documents stay on server, clients get access based
upon the userid, their pk/private  and local  rules (ACL).
- there is a secure connection (SSH, Wireguard)
- client gets toolbars from server.
- user can chat text/video public and private with other users in same
- users can do things according to ACL's like create a document, read-
write and/or append, delete a document.
- client has a window to the document (a page). Users can work together at
the same time, not write to the same page and/or paragraph/sentence.
Readers can follow somebody else's writing though.

I'm working on a set of services (Open Secure Network Services) providing
all kinds of services over a secure connection (SSH based), like file
sharing sftp (I'm working on a smb client using libsmb2), text/video chat,
synchronization, git filesystem, backup. browse services like printers and
scanners and use them from network.


I'm willing to work on this, but since Collabora has already written an
online server, is it possible to port that code to libreoffice?

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