Week #6 Report - GSoC - 100 Paper Cuts

Bayram Çiçek mail at bayramcicek.com.tr
Sun Jul 18 08:54:45 UTC 2021


GSoC progress for week #6.

 > Blog post for week #6: 

 > New icons for diagonal borders

Diagonal Left and Right border icons didn't exist in LibreOffice. I 
opened a new report for the icons and /Rizal Muttaqin/ (huge thanks for 
the icons) started to draw icons so that I can use them in tdf#51665.

 > UI - add diagonal borders in Table toolbar

     - Bug: tdf#51665: Support diagonal borders in TABLEs 
     - Commit: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/118951 

In order to work on tdf#51665, I added diagonal border icons to /"table 
toolbar > borders"/.

Added tooltip “Set Diagonal Left Border” for diagonal LEFT border.
Added tooltip “Set Diagonal Right Border” for for diagonal RIGHT border.

/fr013.png/ -> Right Diagonal Border
/fr014.png/ -> Left Diagonal Border

//aImgVec = { /**///
//    // diagonal left border//
//    {BitmapEx(RID_SVXBMP_FRAME14), 
//    // diagonal right border//
//    {BitmapEx(RID_SVXBMP_FRAME13), 


 > Summary of week #6
     - I opened a new report in Bugzilla for the icons: tdf#143300: Add 
icons for diagonal borders 
     - Added UI of the floating widget. Commit: 

 > Next week TO-DO:
     - Work on tdf#51665 
<https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51665>: Support 
diagonal borders in TABLEs

Thank you all.


Regards, Bayram Çiçek

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