Are there ideas for client-server model.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Sun Jul 18 09:58:25 UTC 2021

Op za 17 jul. 2021 om 15:54 schreef Marc <Marc at>:

> >
> > I'm willing to work on this, but since Collabora has already written an
> > online server, is it possible to port that code to libreoffice?
> >
> I very much would like to see that the 'collabora' code returns back to a
> libre office repository. I think that lots of committers there are would
> prefer working on the libre office repo, instead of the collabra. I think
> it is even weird that collabra people are posting video's on youtube and
> calling them libre office online.

I agree. It looks more like a fork to me they created. And actually
creating a breach/distance with the original libreoffice code and community.
This is not done as I see it. But I have to be frank: I haven't studied the
code of LibreOffice and the code written by Colabora yet.

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