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Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Thu Jul 29 14:33:14 UTC 2021


LO a rather large Python text file containing 10.000's of Lightproof 
rules for pt-BR (dictionaries/pt_BR/pythonpath/

The file is a map full strings patterns such as
"looooooooooooongStringA", "looooooooooongStringB", "looooooooongStrinC"

repeated several thousands times in the file.

My question is: Does it make sense to define aux variables
lstA = "looooooooooooongStringA"
lstB = "looooooooooongStringB"
lstC = "looooooooongStrinC"

and put the variables in the map instead? The main reason is to improve 
readability of the file but I'm not sure there is any other gain 
(speed?) or any drawback.

Thanks for the advise
Olivier Hallot
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