Steve Fanning stevefanning at
Sun Jun 6 19:06:27 UTC 2021

Hello All,

Please could somebody with technical knowledge of these three functions 
help me?

I have been upgrading their descriptions in the Calc Functions Wiki area 

I am not an expert on these functions but have extended the descriptions 
beyond the explanations given in the Help by a combination of code 
inspection and experimentation.

Would it be possible for somebody who has expertise in this area to 
review these three wiki pages from a technical perspective? Is what I 
have written technically correct? Have I missed anything that might be 
significant to a user who is looking for more background? (Please don't 
think I'm looking for somebody to find typos - there may be some, but we 
can resolve those without wasting any of a developer's valuable time!)

On a specific point, do we need to declare the versions of XML and XPath 
that are relevant for FILTERXML? If so, can somebody confirm what they are?

Thanks in advance.


Steve Fanning (LibreOffice Documentation Team)

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