(Impress) Disable global shortcuts in edit mode

Bayram Çiçek mail at bayramcicek.com.tr
Wed Jun 16 08:10:30 UTC 2021

Hi all.

I'm trying to solve 
<https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98404> (UX - While 
objects on a slide are being edited, notably text boxes, the new slide 
sorter Ctrl+Shift shortcut combinations incorrectly receive focus and 
move the slide)

In Impress, Ctrl+Shift+(Home/End/ArrowUp/ArrowDown) shortcuts works fine 
for slide sorting, but when in edit mode(e.g. clicking in a text box to 
write something) Ctrl+Shift+(Home/End/ArrowUp/ArrowDown) shortcuts don't 
select the text in the slide, but move the slide.

I found the code pointers for edit mode in 
/./sd/source/ui/func/futext.//cxx : 1034:/ 

      * Sets the object into the edit mode.
    void FuText::SetInEditMode(const MouseEvent& rMEvt, bool bQuickDrag) {  /* ... */ }

- While in /FuText:SetInEditMode/: I want to disable the global slide 
sorting shortcuts by:

SfxItemSet& rSet = <...>

rSet.DisableItem( SID_MOVE_PAGE_LAST );

rSet.DisableItem( SID_MOVE_PAGE_DOWN );

rSet.DisableItem( SID_MOVE_PAGE_UP );

rSet.DisableItem( SID_MOVE_PAGE_FIRST );

... to see how it works in edit mode, but I couldn't found how to assign 
to /rSet/ even if I tried many times. Which statement/variables should I 
assign to /rSet/ or are there another way to overcome this shortcut 
issue? I need your suggestions about this issue.

IRC username: bayramcicek

Thanks in advance.


Bayram Çiçek

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