GSoC progress report [Week-2]

Akshit akshitsan13 at
Sun Jun 20 18:14:16 UTC 2021

Hey everyone,
My project's title is: "Tests for the VCL graphics backend
<>" and I
would like to inform you all that my very first task which was to trigger
the VCL graphics tests on the first run/upgrades of LibreOffice has been
completed and the patch has been merged(link
<>) successfully and
currently, I'm up to completing my next task which is to implement a UI
dialog box which would help the user to run the VCL tests whenever they
want, this task mainly consists of the following objectives:
1.) Implementation of a UI box that would show the list of all the tests
that ran alongside their results, clicking on any test would show us the
resultant bitmap of that very test, helping in analyzing the results better.
2.) A feature to download the results as a zip file consisting of all the
resultant bitmaps images(compressed as a png) and a text file showing the
results, thereby allowing the user to present the results at the bug
tracker if something goes wrong with our graphics backend.
      So far I've submitted a patch to implement the dialog box(link
<>) which would trigger the
tests and I'll try to send more patches for this task in a series, wrapping
this task up completely this week or maybe the next. I hope such a feature
would be of enormous help when it would come to asserting our back-end
quality, however, any suggestions regarding any improvement related to this
task would be appreciated. To conclude, I would like to thank my mentor
Tomaž Vajngerl for being super helpful and for inspiring me to code better,
also I would like to thank Luboš Luňák for co-mentoring me.

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