Review of 'Improve wrap margins in docx filters'

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon Jun 28 12:00:20 UTC 2021

Hi Miklos,

thank you for looking at it.

Kind regards

Miklos Vajna schrieb am 28.06.2021 um 09:52:
> Hi Regina,
> On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 06:55:47PM +0200, Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at> wrote:
>> this is about patch
>>  From my point of view, the patch is now ready. But it is quite big and has
>> deeper changes, so I would appreciate it if you take a look at the patch.
>> There are still parts missing, but they can be added later. It is missing
>> e.g. consideration of border thicknesses of frames, calculation of suitable
>> wrap polygons, better fit of our wrap types to those of MSOffice,
>> calculation of correct positions for child elements of rotated groups.
> Right, it took me some time to look at it, updated the gerrit change
> now. :-)
> Regards,
> Miklos

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